We increase the value of your company by reorganizing your financial assets in order to create the most financially beneficial environment for the company.

We help also company to get back to financial stability.

Financial difficulty can rise up on a company, and most of the time to be noticed when it’s almost too late.

While running the day-to-day operations, it’s easy to become busy to the point of overlooking small issues. Over time, these issues can add up and grow, until the company is facing a crisis they never saw coming.

We can help finding the underlying causes that can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

Not addressing certain problems upfront, or simply hoping that they will fix themselves, is the best way to see a company crumble from within. On the other hand, when tough decisions need to be made, there is often a fear of making the wrong ones.

Our team is specialized in financial restructuring for businesses facing such situations. As an outside third party, we have the ability to properly assess a business’s needs and prescribe the proper remedy.


In the case of excessive debt, we will act as below :

– We negotiate directly with creditors and vendors to create repayment plans that are acceptable to both parties

– We secure capital that the company can use to expand through limited asset liquidation and accounts receivable funding

– We also help create a business plan that details the financial direction of the company and the steps needed to achieve success.


Meanwhile we will make a business analysis of your operations to detect business process to improve for example :

– Purchase process : vendors terms – # and frequency of order

– Procurement process : inventory level, cost of goods, point of reorder, etc.

– Sales process : # clients, # sales orders, clients terms, etc.

– Logistic process : productivity, logistic cost, etc.


Restructuring the operation will decrease tremendously your cost and it will improve and sustain the assets.

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